Exhibition views


Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm 2017. The last trees / De sista träden, liquid light photography on wood. Each plate 41 x 49 cm.


Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm 2017. Världens äldsta träd / The oldest tree in the world in it’s natural height 2,90 meter. Photopgraphy transferred with acrylic gesso to 36 mdf plates with acrylic gesso. Mörkret skingras – ljuset återvänder, 2,80 x 4,20 m, textile.


Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm 2015. The video Rummet mot norr is screened in the first room, showing how cars pass by on the street outside, reflecting the sun into this dark room. The sound of the video is the reality sound of the cars passing. At the same time you hear the cars passing by on the street outside the gallery, which makes you confused of what is representation and what is reality in the sound. In the other room of the gallery, two site specifik photos are shown, plus the diptych Sen sols vandring över element, seen in this picture.

Krognoshuset, Lund 2013. The Light (view from bed), triptych

Halle 14, Leipzig 2013. The photoseries Uniform was part of the show To Have and Have Not

Halle 14, Leipzig 2013. The video Hierarchy was part of the show To Have and Have Not

Martin Asbæk Gallery 2010. Pictures from the Uniform series

Turku Art Museum 2009. My video trilogy In Memory of All Those Who Work Without Ever Getting a Reward was shown. Here is one of the three projections.

Uppsala Konstmuseum 2008. Two projections from the trilogy In Memory of All Those Who Work Without Ever Getting a Reward.

Uppsala Konstmuseum 2008. The photo series New Friends.

Museét for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, 2007. If you look back – a hommage to Jytte Rex.

Museét for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, 2007. Denkmal

Moderna Museét, Stockholm, 2004. Kjartan Slettemark reports from my Resting Place.

Moderna Museét, Stockholm 2004. I love You. You’re Mine. at the downstairs entrance.

Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen 2006. Some of my collage works.


Ystad Konstmuseum 2006. If you look back photos, and my installation with the swedish title -De hade fått höra så länge att de inte var något att hänga i julgranen. These works were part of my show Människor och Djur (Humans and Animals).